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The Cloud-BAS Ecosystem

"Plug-And-Control" Operational Technology Platforms
for any type of commercial building application

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Introducing Our Newest North American Cloud-Based Platform "OneCloudBAS.Com"

Solutions Specifically Created For: Any Type of Retail store, Bank Branches, Food Service Industry,
Big Box Stores, Convenience Stores, Urgent Care Centers, and many others.  



Until now, traditional standalone building control systems required a dedicated computer, running static software. Updating these systems was a known curse, and only supported a limited number of third-party controls and sensors from different vendors. 

The Open source Cloud-BAS ecosystem

changes all that!


 Our unified solution continually uploads data from your site's monitored equipment/devices to our private cloud environments  via a direct, secure OT connection that is totally separate from your IT network. All FacilityOT provided Cloud-BAS hardware and hosted software is consistently updated at no charge.

What’s more, you can conveniently view monitoring results and troubleshoot corrective actions from any mobile device,
anytime, anywhere. 

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FacilityOT's Cloud-BAS Platform


Read this white paper to explore how FacilityOT uses cutting-edge, emerging technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud-to-cloud computing, to deliver a full range of data analytics and diagnostics for improved decision-making in real time.

Bundled Solutions
Customized to Your Business


Take advantage of our pre-assembled packages, which includes a pre-programmed Cloud-BAS gateway, hand-picked set of sensors/monitors/controls all tailored for your type of business.

These bundles can be further customized to fit your budget or unique facility operational and monitoring requirements.

"Plug-and-Control" With Many Popular HVAC Brands

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