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About FacilityOT

Your trusted partner for cloud-based Operational Technology solutions

FacilityOT is an Operational Technology firm located in the United States
Specializing in cloud-based solutions that host "smart" building and facility operational systems.

Our Commitment

We are 100% committed to generate cutting-edge operational technology solutions, customized for your needs and within your budget.

As the leading provider of BAS PNaaS (Platform/Network as a Service) solutions, we are constantly building upon our success and our Next-Gen Cloud-BAS / IoT offerings.

We not only make your buildings more comfortable, we make them safer and more energy efficient.

Experience & Philosophy

With over 40 years in the industry, our engineers are well qualified to offer sound advice, in an honest, straightforward manner. This honesty carries over to our open communication policy and transparent billing processes for easy tracking of your budget spend.


We actively partner with our clients, and collaborate with control system contractors, as an extension of your team to understand the challenges you face and deliver the most viable solutions, the first time, every time.


We’re in it for the long term, as we continue to evolve. Always staying focused on our market niche and taking a personal interest in our customers to build long-lasting business relationships founded on trust and integrity.

Working Toward a Greener Future

We have already outpaced others competing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution with our advanced 4.5 digital offerings, and we are now focused on making the Cloud-BAS ecosystem the #1 Green solution.


Our Open ADR enabled Cloud-BAS ecosystem is helping building owners/operators control electrical usage by connecting to cloud-based utilities. This allows you to anticipate loads on the power grid, for example, and make automatic adjustments to your HVAC settings, thus reducing your consumption and rates at peak times.


We also plan to connect to other cloud resources, like weather forecast/rainfall prediction to adjust water usage accordingly. Additionally, we are exploring C2C opportunities to enable more data calculations for measuring and analyzing energy saving improvements. Plans are even under way for multiple language clouds, as companies around the world seek to be more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

Check back often for new developments at FacilityOT. We'll be sharing our latest technology breakthroughs in published white papers, blog posts, and press releases.

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